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Blu-ray Review: The Search for One-Eye Jimmy

This Jim Jarmusch- and Spike Lee-influenced indie from the early '90s is a nice little comedic discovery. Read More »

DVD Review: Queen to Play

Hardly groundbreaking, but a thoughtful and satisfying film about self-discovery. Read More »

Movie Review: Queen to Play

Simple: don't miss this winning French film. Read More »

TV Review: The Chicago Code – “Black Hand and the Shotgun Man”

The Chicago Code is expertly written and acted, far superior to other cop shows. Read More »

TV Review: The Chicago Code

The Chicago Code an intriguing new drama on Fox, shot right here in Chicago! Read More »

TV Review: The Chicago Code Does It Right

Chicago Code was surprisingly good, with a wicked twist, and staying away from the procedural trap. Read More »

Movie Review: The Book of Eli – Post Apocalypse Gray

In a world where people eat people and nothing ever grows one lone wanderer walks out of the desert carrying a book. Read More »

TV Review: Lie To Me – “The Whole Truth”

Lightman squares off againt his ex-wife, Zoe, in court as he tries to get to "The Whole Truth." Read More »

What a Straight Guy Learned About Life from The L Word

As a male fan of a series about lesbians, I connected to the human dramas of seduction, loss, and fabulous clothes. Read More »

Chatting with Hayley McFarland of Lie to Me

Hayley McFarland also was a regular on the first season of United States of Tara. Read More »