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Should Representatives Vote the People’s Will or Their Judgment?

A different world if the framers had restricted the representatives to a strict compliance. Read More »

America Defined: Politics, Poetry, and Perspectives

America is more than a country. It's a sociopolitical experiment unlike any other in human history. Read More »

Has America Lost Its Mind?

Has the American Mind which Jefferson wrote about become senile and demented or can we save it? Read More »

One Secret Many Geniuses Have in Common

What do Galileo, Da Vinci, Jefferson, and Einstein all have in common? Besides being a genius, there is one common trait that they share. Read More »

Secession is an Attack on the Constitution

Secession is an attack on the Constitution no matter what southern nationalists claim. Read More »

Book Review: Promised Land: Thirteen Books That Changed America by Jay Parini

"Adventures that shape the American voice and character, refining morality at every bend in the river which is still breaking before us." - Jay Parini Read More »