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Multinational Claims of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Responsible global sources cite chemical weapons use in Syria by Assad. Read More »

Kim Jong Un Pledges Nuclear Attacks on the United States

North Korea declares "Long range rockets will be launched, one after another!" Read More »

American Workers in Egypt Charged; Seek Refuge in US Embassy

American government workers with strong Washington ties seek refuge in American Embassy in Cairo. They face charges of failing to file reguired papers. Read More »

President Obama to Speak to Congress

The President will address a joint session of Congress on Thursday, September 8. Read More »

Obama Speaks Out on Libya, the United Nations Begins Dialogue.

American President Obama has made initial statements regarding Libyan violence. The United Nations has commenced discussions. Read More »

Highly Regarded Time Magazine Blogger, Reporter and Editor Jay Carney Named White House Press Secretary.

President Obama has named Jay Carney, known for many things, including his high level blog, as White House Press Secretary. Read More »