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The Debt Deal: A Victory for the Establishment

If Tea Party politicians overwhelmingly voting against the deal wasn't evidence enough... Read More »

Metaphors Don’t Kill People; People Kill People

It is sticks and stones that break our bones, and it's not words that wield the weapons — it's people. Read More »

Gabrielle Giffords, Sarah Palin and Angry Americans Searching For Answers

What happened was a complete tragedy, but blaming Sarah Palin is not the answer. Read More »

Why Tucson Shooter Is Not a Terrorist

Loughner may not be any better off with an insanity defense, but it could save his life. Read More »

Palin, Paranoia, and Political Assassination

Try as some might to assign blame, Sarah Palin does not bear direct responsibility for the Arizona assassination attempt. But she needs to change. Read More »

Jared Lee Loughner Was Caught Up in a World of Dreams

YouTube videos show insight into the Arizona shooter. Read More »