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Blu-ray Review: Jackie Chan Stars In ‘Police Story: Lockdown’

Police Story, Police Story: Lockdown, Jackie Chan, Ding Sheng, Liu Ye, Jing Tian

Sadly, the title could also refer to the series itself, we don’t need another Police Story, especially when there’s sadly no life left in the franchise. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Blade of Kings

Fun, if insubstantial, action/comedy. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: 1911

About as entertaining as a history book. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Little Big Soldier

It's not Jackie Chan's ultimate tour-de-force, but it's still darn good. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Shaolin – Collector’s Edition

An enjoyable martial arts drama with some fine performances from its cast. Recommended. Read More »

Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 2

2 times better than the original! Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Rush Hour

The buddy cop film isn't new, but that doesn't mean that another entry in the genre can't be enjoyable. Read More »

Movie Review: The Karate Kid (2010)

One of those rare remakes that’s better than the original. Read More »

Movie Review: The Karate Kid (2010)

Much more than a remake. A triumph. Read More »

Movie Review: The Karate Kid (2010)

May be the role of a lifetime for Jackie Chan. Read More »