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Note to Current Crop of Politicians: Beware the SAHM Faction?

Stay at home moms. The current flap in politics? Read More »

Quote Quiz: Women’s Right to Vote or Women’s Reproductive Rights?

It's easy to confuse quotes from the Anti-Suffrage Movement with quotes with today's debates surrounding Female Reproductive Rights. Read More »

What is the 2012 Election Really About?

Election 2012 should be about more than just beating Obama; the real issues, not partisan talking points, should be addressed. Read More »

Demographic Trends in the Republican Party

How radically will the Republican Party change because of aging membership in the next two decades? Read More »

Kicking and Screaming

Liberals must drag conservatives into the 21st century. Read More »

The Declaration of Independence

It's time to stop letting big party affiliations rule our public decision-making and our elections. It's time to throw our own party and start thinking Independently. Read More »