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Nuclear War Is Becoming Increasingly Likely in the Middle East

Right now is not a good time to buy real estate in Riyadh or Tehran. Read More »

Book Review: No, We Can’t: Radical Islam, Militant Secularism and the Myth of Coexistence by Robert Stearns

Can radical Islam, militant secularism and Judeo-Christianity co-exist in a free democratic society? Probably not. Read More »

Syrian Uprising Dilemma: The SS or the SA?

With choices like these, isn't it best to simply sit out? Read More »

Book Review: Throne Of The Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed

Don't read this book because it adds much-needed diversity to the fantasy genre; read it because it's well written. Read More »

Book Review: Behind the Veils of Yemen by Audra Grace Shelby

A sensitive and sympathetic glimpse into the world of veiled women. Read More »

Interview: Author Michael Muhammad Knight, of Why I Am A Five Percenter

"I came from a punk rock ethos, and also a certain kind of Muslim ethos, that made it cool to be ignored and alone on the margins." Read More »

Book Review: The Fund by H.T. Narea

A financial thriller made for the scrap heap: This simplistic debut from investment banker H.T. Narea takes advantage of a much bigger problem. Read More »

Book Review: Why I Am A Five Percenter by Michael Muhammad Knight

An intelligent, scholarly and approachable work about Islam in America and the author's attempts to find his place in the world. Read More »

The West and its Inevitable Surrender to Islam

The west has already started surrendering to Islam and is prepared for surrender for ever. Read More »

TV Review: Independent LensWham! Bam! Islam!

Comic book heroes reinforce positive Islamic values. Read More »