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Taxpayer Beware: ‘Tis the Season for Scam IRS Phone Calls

tax scam

Be wary of phone calls from the U.S. Treasury Department or IRS threatening legal action. It's likely someone's trying to scam you. Big time. Read More »

Embracing Socialism


Arguments about socialism provide great fodder for bitching and griping, but we'd be better off embracing it for what it can do and making it peculiarly American. Read More »

Anthem Film Fest – Trust the Government, NOT!


Like Orwell’s protagonist Winston Smith, the heroes of both The Pilgrim and Silver Circle see something they shouldn't have and this starts them on the road to thought-crimes and more. Read More »

House Ways and Means Committee Investigating 501 (c) (4) Tax Issues


We present some framework in connection with the ongoing tax exemption debate in the House of Representatives. Read More »

Book Review: Tax Cheating: Illegal–But Is It Immoral? by Donald Morris

Informative and interesting book about what constitutes tax cheating. Read More »

Book Review: The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy – How To Save Yourself And Your Country by Peter Schiff

Strategies to return the United States and the global economy to prosperity. They'll at least start discussion. Read More »

Identity Thieves Target Uncle Sam

Is the government a favorite target of identity thieves? Read More »

A Flood of New CPAs, Out of the Blue

When did some of my friends on Facebook become Mitt Romney's expert tax accountants? Read More »

Employee? Independent Contractor? New Laws and IRS Auditing Want to Know

With 60% of Federal revenue coming from employment taxes, expect more examination from the IRS and new laws enacted. Read More »

America’s Internal Revenue Service Pursues anti-Israel Policies on Orders of Obama Administration

These are the actions of Israel's alleged "ally". Tell me another joke - maybe I'll laugh. Read More »