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Gadget Review: K-Board USB MIDI Keyboard by Keith McMillen Instruments

K-Board USB MIDI controller

Currently at $99, the K-Board is a powerful controller without the powerful price tag. Read More »

Tablet Review: iPad Mini with Retina Display


With its Retina display and the new ultrafast A7 processor, it sounds like the perfect tablet. Should you buy one? Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: ‘FIFA 14′


A brand new system known as Real Ball Physics is probably the greatest addition for this new version of the soccer title. Read More »

Apple’s WWDC 2013: the Good, the Bad, and the Meh

Redesigned MacPro 2013

Apple's devices need to give consumers more room to breathe if Apple wants to keep pace with Google and an advancing Microsoft. Read More »

For Microsoft, Windows 8 Is Not the Problem

With Microsoft's announcement of an update to its flagship OS, many say Windows 8 is the "New Coke" of its day. Read More »

Gadget Review: Bassboomz Portable iOS Speaker

It is small and cute but does it sound any good? Read More »

iOS Game Review: NBA 2K13

We take a look at an iOS version of the popular NBA 2K franchise. Read More »

iPhone App Review: Facebomb Now Available

Facebomb uses face cloning technologies to clone faces within an image and copy to others for the perfect prank. Read More »

Siri, Did You Beat The Case?

Apple scores a major victory in the Ali/Frazier of lawsuits. But does their rivalry with Samsung help or harm the competition? Read More »

Siri, Has Windows Gotten Its Groove Back? Part II

Microsoft hopes to break into a built by Apple and managed by Google. Is Windows Phone the answer? Read More »