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An Interview with Novelist Michael Olson, Author of Strange Flesh

Michael Olson talks about his debut novel, the nature of knowledge, and his background with virtual reality and emerging technology. Read More »

Interview: A.K. Alexander, Author of Daddy’s Home

A woman of many faces, A.K. Alexander entertains and inspires! Read More »

Interview with Mark S. Smith, Author of Treblinka Survivor: The Life and Death of Hershl Sperling

"Anti-Semitism ... is but one manifestation of evil. Yet it transfixes me – not only because I am a Jew, but also because it expresses the senseless self-loathing of Mankind." Read More »

Interview: Denise Robbins, Author of Phish NET Stalkings

Only Denise Robbins can get a man in fishnets! The woman who knows all, sees all and writes all! Read More »

Interview with Susan Spence, Author of A Story of the West

"This is my first attempt at writing. I got the idea in my head and must have had some free time on my hands..." Read More »

Interview: Caroline Alethia, Author of Plant Teacher

"I find writing soothing and it is, frankly, a compulsion for me. I write like some people work out or play music." Read More »

Interview: Kenny Scudero, Author of Comfortably Awkward

Meet a man who turned job frustration into a work of art! Read More »

Interview: Jill Muehrcke, Author of Waking Up Happy: A Handbook of Change with Memoirs of Recovery and Hope

A writer, teacher, creator and spy. Ms. Muehrcke does it all - and then some! Read More »

Interview: Avalanche City’s David Baxter Discusses the Creative Process Behind His Music

The “brain child” behind Avalanche City talks about creating music & teaching himself how to sing. Read More »

Interview: Haley Reinhart Wants Music Fans to Listen Up!

“I want them to be able to get lost in it,” Haley Reinhart said of Listen Up!, out May 22. Read More »