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Interview: Kaylin McFarren, Author of Severed Threads

"Like many authors, I was originally inspired to write my first novel after reading a great book and seeing an amazing movie." Read More »

Interview: Lauren Carr, Author of Dead on Ice

Lauren Carr shares with readers an excerpt from her newest book that begs readers to continue reading! Read More »

An Artist’s Portrait: Thirty Minutes with Marcus Carl Franklin

My half hour interview with Marcus Carl Franklin, on his journey from acting to music, with a whole lot in between. Read More »

An Interview with Don Felder

The former Eagles' lead guitarist talks about flying solo with a new album and a positive outlook on his life and legendary career. Read More »

Interview with Award Winning Author Carmen Swick

"If you write from your heart you can never go wrong." Read More »

Interview: Temujin Hu, Author of The Rage

Meet Temujin Hu and learn the amazing and inspirational footprint that he wishes to leave behind in this world. Read More »

Interview: Marc Zicree on Space Command

Sci-fi writer Marc Zicree has designs on a brand new movie franchise. He speaks with Blogcritics' co-executive editor Barbara Barnett about his new project. Read More »

Interview with M.R. Dowsing, Author of The Assassination Of Adolf Hitler

What if you could travel back in time to kill Hitler? Read More »

Interview: Louis Koster, Author of A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What!

Meet Lous Koster, a man who brings readers an inspirational guide to personal freedom, long-lasting happiness, and higher awareness. Read More »

Interview: Cynthia Gail, Author of Winter’s Magic

Each of her stories touch on issues, fears, and challenges that women face every day, but concludes that love is within reach. Read More »