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Interview: Richard Cerasani Author of ‘Love Letters from Mount Rushmore: The Story of a Marriage, a Monument, and a Moment in History’


Interview with Richard Cerasani author of "Love Letters From Mount Rushmore: The Story of a Marriage, a Monument, and a Moment in History". Read More »

Interview with Young Adult Writer Melinda Braun

MB Stranded

Interview with Melinda Braun, author of Young Adult novel "Stranded". Read More »

Interview: Winter Holiday Fireside Moments with Mystery Writer Molly MacRae


Holiday interview with Molly MacRae author of "Last Wool and Testament" of the Haunted Yarn Shop Series. Read More »

Interview: Tour Talk with Vinyl Theatre’s Keegan Calmes

Vinyl Theatre

Vinyl Theatre's Keegan Calmes opens up about the meaning behind their current single, "Breaking Up My Bones." Read More »

Finish Ticket Discusses New EP And “Surreal” Tour with Twenty One Pilots


Finish Ticket on touring with Twenty One Pilots: “It’s just been unreal." Read More »

An Interview With Chris Belden, Author of The New Novel, ‘Shriver’


Interview with Chris Belden author of "Shriver": "There’s no shortage of ego, pomposity, and arrogance in the publishing and academic worlds, so I had fun playing with that." Read More »

Interview: Sandra Gustafsson, Author of ‘Seared’

Cover Seared

Interview with Sandra Gustafsson author of the psychological thriller "Seared". Read More »

Interview: Carole P. Roman, Author of ‘A Flag for the Flying Dragon’


Interview with children's author Carole P Roman. Read More »

Interview with Jane Tesh, author of ‘Butterfly Waltz’


Interview with Jane Tesh, author of "Butterfly Waltz": "The creative process is something that I can’t resist or understand. I can’t explain where my characters come from. They are imaginary friends who never left me." Read More »

Interview with Rick Gillis, Author of ‘Promote!’


"We are taught at a very young age not to brag, but we're never untaught that message — and unless we inform our superiors and bosses of our accomplishments, we may be in danger of losing our jobs, or being passed over for that next promotion." Read More »