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Book Review: 3D Deceit, Duplicity and Dissimulation of U.S. Foreign Policy Towards India, Pakistan and Afghanistan by Arvind Goswami

An honest attempt towards a serious project to present an objective analysis of U.S. foreign policy for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Read More »

Book Review: The Twilight of the Bombs: Recent Challenges, New Dangers, and the Prospects for a World Without Nuclear Weapons by Richard Rhodes

A credible book of extraordinary depth on the history of nuclear bombs and the pressing issues for the future. Read More »

UN’s Millennium Development Goals in 2010, Summary and Soft Critique

The idea that a global mindset can be adopted at the state level is proof that globalization is still very much prevalent within UN thought. Read More »

World Nations Condemn Great Britain’s Direct Rule Over Turks and Caicos Islands

Modern Day Colonialism in the Caribbean Read More »

Book Review: The Islamist: Why I Became an Islamic Fundamentalist, What I Saw Inside, and Why I Left by Ed Husain

A rare, and therefore valuable, look at Islamic extremism from the inside. Read More »

Do We Have The Right, Part 2: What Would We Want?

See the hypocrisy yet? Read More »

Why Do We Have the Right? A Look At Iran

I like the international-state anarchy. Read More »