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Finding More Than I Bargained For

3d render of grass path leading to doorway to the clouds

Many people today, including some medical professionals, are exploring a more holistic sense of health, one that incorporates factors of the entire person, where our type of thinking influences our quality of living. Read More »

Prevention Through the Eyes of a Spinach Skeptic


Some caregivers are finding that spirituality can be a key ingredient of good health – especially for prevention. Read More »

All Hands On Deck

Model used for illustrative purposes

In medical treatment, considering the whole person and his or her spirituality becomes an “all hands on deck” type of care. Read More »

Book Review: Get Well and Stay Well: Optimal Health Through Transformational Medicine by Steve Amoils and Sandi Amoils, M.D.

Patients can take control of their health and become preventative and proactive to ensure that they stay healthy. Read More »

In the Driver’s Seat with Health Care

The best treatment is individualized treatment, where the patient is in control, and healing starts from within. Read More »

Policies Needed for Emerging Health Care Issues

The public's voice needs to be heard in health care policy decisions, including on integrative and complementary therapies. Read More »

Doctor, Will You Pray with Me?

Doctors need to be prepared for prayer requests from their patients as prayer and integrative medicine are more frequently used. Read More »

Are Attitudes and Health Linked?

Angry thoughts may lead to an unhealthy heart - and happiness allows for better health! Read More »

Exploring Effective Pain Relief Options

Seeking alternative therapies to help with chronic pain. Read More »

Book Review: Spontaneous Happiness by Andrew Weil

Cultivate happiness - live longer and be more healthy. Read More »