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The U.S. Healthcare Bill and the U.S. Military Healthcare System

I’m not suggesting that just because it’s good enough for your military it’s good enough for you, but hey, isn’t it? Read More »

History, Health Care Reform, and My Mother: A Reflection

A reflection on history and the health care debate Read More »

Insurance is a Sucker’s Bet

Insurance proves once again that there's no beating the house. Read More »

It’s Enough To Make You Sicker!

But Wait! There's More! Having introduced you to Rock, I now present Hard Place! Read More »

Book Review: A Faithful Proposal by Alan Beck

Alan Beck takes the reader on a fantastical, fictional tour of pre-paid, privatized religion and where change takes us. Read More »

Health Care: Main Street Is Out Of Touch With Washington

The health care battle proves that Main Street is out of touch with Washington. Read More »

Movie Review: Saw VI

Solid entry in the series -- it may have life yet! Read More »

The Supermarket Imitates the Church

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to buy stuff. Read More »

Why Isn’t the Angry Left Angry Now?

How can you support health care reform which reforms nothing and actually expands on the mistakes of the past? Read More »

Will Obamacare Cover Abortions?

Will Obama's health insurance reform use taxpayers' money to provide funding for abortion? In a word, yes. It's complicated, though. Read More »