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Why do Health Care Costs Continue to Rise?

Health care costs continue to rise, placing an increasing financial burden on the average American. Read More »

Obamacare or Bieberflair

Will health care reform put an end to medical underwriting? Read More »

Real Reform: An Idea for Mending America’s Broken Health Insurance System

To create true health insurance reform, we must address the real problems at hand. Read More »

Dating in the Age of Cancer

Important questions for you and that special someone Read More »

Patient Assistance Programs for Prescription Medications

The pharmaceutical companies get it right; why can't the insurance companies? Read More »

How Much Conservative Idiocy Can Happen in Two Weeks?

When will the few remaining Republicans and conservatives who still have common sense take back their party? Read More »

Health Care Bill Spawns the War Cry: “I Am Not a Child!”

If you feel compelled to tell others you’re an adult, it’s a safe bet you’re not quite there yet. Read More »

The U.S. Healthcare Bill and the U.S. Military Healthcare System

I’m not suggesting that just because it’s good enough for your military it’s good enough for you, but hey, isn’t it? Read More »

History, Health Care Reform, and My Mother: A Reflection

A reflection on history and the health care debate Read More »

Insurance is a Sucker’s Bet

Insurance proves once again that there's no beating the house. Read More »