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The Logic of Infrastructure Renewal: A Political Rant


Why is infrastructure renewal NOT the number one priority on every presidential candidate's mind? Read More »

Book Review: ‘Active Directory Cookbook’ by Brian Svidergol and Robbie Allen


A very useful guide for readers from technicians to advanced AD administrators. Read More »

Infrastructure, Labor and Taxation Imperatives in the United States

The presentation concerns infrastructure, labor and taxation aimed at enhancing economic growth and repairing public facilities. Read More »

A Sad Optimist Cries Yet Again: A Pox on all Your Houses

Amidst the fear, the anger, the apprehension, we can take heart that our politicians are blithering idiots — as are we. Read More »

Book Review: On the Grid: A Plot of Land, An Average Neighborhood and the Systems That Make Our World Work by Scott Huler

We built this city on rocks and soil... and mucked it up a bit. Read More »

I Say Let The Tax Man Cometh

It's one thing to get upset over a raise in federal taxes, it's another to demand no taxes and for the government to stay away. Read More »

A Republic, If We Can Keep It

As a vital leader on the world stage, America appears to be suffering from stage fright for a number of reasons. Read More »