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Book Review: Does He Cheat: Confessions from Men — 50 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating by Sterling Anderson and Stephanie Dart

Clues for cheating and cynical strategies for handling them. Read More »

Book Review: If I Bring You Roses by Marisel Vera

In a skillful, often blunt manner, the author paints a painfully realistic picture of the jíbaro. Read More »

The Irrelevance Of Infidelity Or, Have We Learned Nothing In 20 Years?

We elected a known philanderer for president in 1992. Why do we still obsess over politicians' marriages, which ought to be private? Read More »

Should Websites Promote Infidelity?

The use of websites that facilitate cheating is on the increase. Read More »

DVD Review: The Kids Are All Right

A well-acted, but ultimately highly unsatisfying, character study. Read More »

Music Review: Tye Tribbett – FRESH

The day change suddenly altered the direction for Tye Tribbett. Read More »

DVD Review: The Square

Watching the dominoes fall is the delicious thrill of “The Square.” Read More »

Movie Review: Socks and Cakes

Kimistra Films' impressive Socks and Cakes takes a page from The Big Chill with his short about five people and their drama at a dinner party. Read More »

Jesse and Tiger, the Vet Will See You Now

Pleasure-seeking celebrities damage more than their marriages and families. Read More »

Book Review: The Language of Secrets by Dianne Dixon

A young man returns to the states to find family, only to discover that he's recorded as dead. Read More »