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Book Review: The Cost of Inequality: Three Decades of The Super-Rich and the Economy by Stewart Lansley

It's simple really: Workers stopped getting a fair share of productivity increases, profits rose, finance became a gigantic boil on the world economy. Read More »

Gene Marks Is Right

Gene Marks was right in his essay "If I Were a poor Black Kid". Just not the way he imagined. Read More »

Economic Decline Brings Rising Poverty Rates and Growing Income Inequality

Rising poverty levels a consequence of a decade of slow job growth. Read More »

Book Review: Race, Incarceration, and American Values by Glenn C. Loury

How should we treat those who break our laws? Read More »

Kicking and Screaming

Liberals must drag conservatives into the 21st century. Read More »

A Minimum Wage is Not Enough: We Need a Living Wage For All

Poverty pay doesn't even make economic sense. Read More »

The New Meritocratic Elite: Really?

Many do not become successful. Not because they are lazy or inferior, but because they are less lucky. Read More »

Same Sex Marriage Proves American Homophobia

It's about time for a change Read More »

Rich vs. No Income Tax American Households

Avoiding income tax more likely than being wealthy. Read More »