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Book Review: The Zenith Syndrome by Robert Menzies

Andy views his “dead” body lying atop the concrete walkway that surrounds the swimming pool. Read More »

Book Review: Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan

Clay Jannon finds that there is a mystery waiting to be solved in the heart of the bookstore. Read More »

Book Review: The Postmortal: A Novel by Drew Magary

Take away the fear of death and is humankind any kinder towards our fellow humans? Well... Read More »

Book Review: The Immortality Virus by Christine Amsden

An entertaining, dystopian/science fiction novel with an interesting premise. Read More »

DVD Review: The Man From Earth (2007)

It's like The Big Chill... if The Big Chill was about a 14,000 year old man. And wasn't The Big Chill. Read More »

Book Review: The Chimera Seed by Matthew Tully

A seed with life enhancing properties leads to espionage, deceit, personal greed, political corruption, and murderous revenge. Read More »