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Senate Considers Immigration Reform


The Senate takes up the many complexities of immigration reform. Read More »

Boston Marathon Bombings Should Not Figure Into Immigration Debate

Make no mistake – Americans are other! Read More »

Increasing Access to Graduate Education Key to America’s Economic Growth

We are not investing in our human capital potential. Read More »

Adam Ozimek is Wrong on Immigration

We are better off investing in the people already within our borders. Read More »

Graphic Novel Review: Escape to Gold Mountain: A Graphic History of the Chinese in North America by David H.T. Wong

The sad and violent story of the Chinese immigration to the United States and Canada. Read More »

Texas Republicans Stumble Into a Better Platform

The new Texas Republican platform is a big step forward and offers ideas the national party should pick up on. Read More »

DVD Review: From the Other Side (2002)

A fascinating documentary/tone-poem hybrid from Chantal Akerman. Read More »

The GOP Is Looney Tunes; But That’s Not the Real Tragedy

Reagan won the Cold War, for which he richly deserves great praise, but with a nine word commandment he fatally poisoned the Republican Party. Read More »

The American Anti-Renaissance: Overpopulation and a Declining National Dream

Do you believe that America's greatest problem is social, economic, or political in nature? If so, think again. Read More »

Book Review: The Lazarus Project by Aleksandar Hemon

Two immigrants, a hundred years apart, both victims of social injustice, in a novel that would make every reader think. Read More »