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Theater Review (Seattle): ‘My Mañana Comes’ by Elizabeth Irwin at ArtsWest

Tyler Trerise (Peter), Joshua Chessin-Yudin (Whalid), Chris Rodriguez (Pepe) and Santino Garcia (Jorge). Photo by Michael Brunk /

Naturalism gives way to contrived plot mechanics in Elizabeth Irwin's play. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Girl in the Torch,’ a Young Adult Historical Fiction by Robert Sharenow


Sarah knows her life back home will be unbearable so she makes a decision that could well end in her death. She is determined to follow her heart and jumps off the back of the boat she is loaded on to return her to her homeland. Her efforts at swimming take her to the land of the Lady, the woman of the torch. She finds her new hiding palace is on the island of the Statue of Liberty itself. Read More »

Senate Considers Immigration Reform


The Senate takes up the many complexities of immigration reform. Read More »

Boston Marathon Bombings Should Not Figure Into Immigration Debate

Make no mistake – Americans are other! Read More »

Increasing Access to Graduate Education Key to America’s Economic Growth

We are not investing in our human capital potential. Read More »

Adam Ozimek is Wrong on Immigration

We are better off investing in the people already within our borders. Read More »

Graphic Novel Review: Escape to Gold Mountain: A Graphic History of the Chinese in North America by David H.T. Wong

The sad and violent story of the Chinese immigration to the United States and Canada. Read More »

Texas Republicans Stumble Into a Better Platform

The new Texas Republican platform is a big step forward and offers ideas the national party should pick up on. Read More »

DVD Review: From the Other Side (2002)

A fascinating documentary/tone-poem hybrid from Chantal Akerman. Read More »

The GOP Is Looney Tunes; But That’s Not the Real Tragedy

Reagan won the Cold War, for which he richly deserves great praise, but with a nine word commandment he fatally poisoned the Republican Party. Read More »