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Book Review: ‘The Truth Seekers’ by R. Glenn Brown


A Russian family struggles to maintain its religious beliefs in a time where religion is not permitted to be practiced. Read More »

Book Review: Creed by Michael Chavez

Impact of the Catholic Church, drug use, and sexual orientation on the rapidly-changing American culture. Read More »

Book Review: Stalina by Emily Rubin

The fictional story of a Russian immigrant to the United States. Read More »

Book Review: Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work by Edwidge Danticat

A collection of tragic yet inspirational essays about the difficulties of a troubled Haiti and the will to create despite the high costs. Read More »

Watching My Son Grow Up in the Philippines

An American 15-year-old boy loose in a nation of very pretty girls — "Danger, Will Robinson, danger!" Read More »

Family History: Snapshots in Time

Grandfather made a fine pair of Italian shoes of a morning; every night he took the same pair apart. Read More »

Grandma: Recipes For Love

Childhood memories of Grandma, who taught me to cook and to love. Read More »