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Hurricane Sandy: Mother Nature’s Trick or Treat

I know this hurricane is not a zombie invasion, but in these spooky days before Halloween it certainly feels like one. Read More »

The Aftermath of Hurricane Irene and Future Hurricane Emergency Management Issues

The article covers Hurricane Irene and important current and future considerations in preparation for similar events. Read More »

Some New Yorkers React Predictably to Hurricane Irene Response

Once Irene passed over us inflicting much less damage than expected, the armchair quarterbacks were quick to complain about Bloomberg's "over reaction" to the hurricane. Read More »

Will Hurricane Irene be a Blessing in Disguise?

Bastiat is correct, Krugman is wrong, destruction is not a boon to the economy. Read More »

Living in the Wake of Hurricane Irene

Nature had a kegger, drank too much, and spewed tree debris all over everything. Read More »

Hurricane Irene Is A Spoiled Sport

Hurricane Irene is turning millions of people's lives upside down this weekend, and she has obliterated the sports schedule. Read More »

Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Are New Yorkers Really Earthquake Wimps?

So, yes, maybe we New Yorkers are earthquake wimps, but so what? Read More »