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Obama, Romney, Clooney, and an Invisible Guest


Today let's have a break from excessive political fundraising and have our political leaders come together to benefit humanity instead. Read More »

Interview: Alain Homsy of the Norwegian Refugee Council in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Norwegian Refugee Council aids children in the conflict-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo with school feeding. Read More »

Could Yemen be the Next Somalia?

Now is the time for this intervention in Yemen, rather than waiting till we have an epic-scale humanitarian disaster. Read More »

For Yemen it’s Bread, Fuel or Chaos

Without the basics, there is no chance any Yemen policy will have a favorable outcome. Read More »

Catholic Relief Services team discusses Pakistan Flood Recovery

It is less well known today the struggle many Pakistanis are facing to reclaim their livelihoods after this disaster Read More »

Diane Sawyer on Afghanistan: What about Plumpynut?

Cutting food rations for Afghan children is hardly a way to go about winning the peace. Read More »

What a Simple Road Can Mean in Afghanistan

Something many of us take for granted, a simple road, can make a world of difference in Afghanistan. Read More »

The Great Russian Famine of 1921: When America Heard the Pleas of the Sick and Starving

Camels were used for the daunting task of hauling food into the snowy interior of Russia (National Archives 200 (S)- ARA-59)

The Russian famine was a defining moment in the history and character of America. Read More »

More Politcal Observations

Contradictions that leave you scratching your head are not regulated to a political party or a certain group. Read More »

Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding in Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia

The relief mission in Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia is suffering severe neglect right now from the international community. Read More »