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Book Review: The Bracelet by Roberta Gately

The Bracelet tells story of a UN worker traveling to Pakistan and finding new love and more than she bargains for in a new country. Read More »

Interview: Kathi Macias, Author of Special Delivery

Interview with multi-award-winning Christian author Kathi Macias. Read More »

Interview: Rudy A. Mazzocchi, Author of Equity of Evil

"Sometimes a novel comes along that forces us to face the brutal reality of our world," states Mazzucchi. Read More »

Human Trafficking: Slavery is Alive in the South

Human trafficking runners use Oklahoma highways as their transportation routes. Read More »

America’s Dirty Little Secret: Sex Trafficking

Why are America's children being forced into sex slavery? Read More »

Book Review: Point Deception by Jim Gilliam

Point Deception is a compelling novel and its strength lies in the protagonist. Read More »

DVD Review: Freight

Britain's answer to (and basically remake of) Taken. Read More »

Schwarzenneger, Terminate Kruzan’s Sentence

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger must show his commitment to troubled youth by pardoning the non-crime of Sara Kruzan. Read More »

Neglected Atrocities: Human Trafficking

The issue of trafficking oftentimes is simply not talked about because, frankly, it’s ugly. $32 billion of ugly. Read More »

Book Review: Enslaved: The New British Slavery by Rahila Gupta

Speaking to five victims of forced labour and human trafficking, Rahila Gupta exposes the horrendous reality of modern day slavery Read More »