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Social Activists Condemn Using Force against Protesting Stone Throwers in Kashmir

Social activists and civil society organisations brought to light the draconian laws of India that gave unscrupulous powers to security forces in Kashmir and North-East states. The result is unabated and endless killings of Kashmir people for which the police forces and even Indian government provide no justification Read More »

WikiLeak Shows Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan

After WikiLeaks released a massive amount of secret government documents, coalition forces dedication to Human Rights is questioned. Read More »

Whee! European-Style Socialism May Reap Va-cay Bennies

Have we gone too far? Travel as a "human right." Read More »

Don’t Ignore Swiss Majority Rights

Pressured by increasingly demanding minorities, majorities are reasserting their own rights with shows of nationalism. Read More »

Campus Anti-Abortion Protest

The abortion issue through one college student's POV. Read More »

Could the Iranian Revolution Have Been Avoided?

A quick history lesson on what happens when one country meddles in the domestic affairs of another. Read More »

Business As Usual: Barack Obama Visits China

When the Nobel Peace Prize winner visits China, the policy of "look the other way" persists. Read More »

Capitol Idea: For Tibet’s Sake, Please Be Serious, Mr. President

In delaying his visit with Dalai Lama, is Obama serious about progress or just paying lip service? Read More »

Sharing Ted Kennedy With A New Generation

A "true compass" - our grandchildren are the beneficiaries of his leadership. Read More »

Women, Girls, and Philanthropy

Why women's and girls' rights are the solution to the world's problems. Read More »