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WikiLeak Shows Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan

After WikiLeaks released a massive amount of secret government documents, coalition forces dedication to Human Rights is questioned. Read More »

Whee! European-Style Socialism May Reap Va-cay Bennies

Have we gone too far? Travel as a "human right." Read More »

Don’t Ignore Swiss Majority Rights

Pressured by increasingly demanding minorities, majorities are reasserting their own rights with shows of nationalism. Read More »

Campus Anti-Abortion Protest

The abortion issue through one college student's POV. Read More »

Could the Iranian Revolution Have Been Avoided?

A quick history lesson on what happens when one country meddles in the domestic affairs of another. Read More »

Business As Usual: Barack Obama Visits China

When the Nobel Peace Prize winner visits China, the policy of "look the other way" persists. Read More »

Capitol Idea: For Tibet’s Sake, Please Be Serious, Mr. President

In delaying his visit with Dalai Lama, is Obama serious about progress or just paying lip service? Read More »

Sharing Ted Kennedy With A New Generation

A "true compass" - our grandchildren are the beneficiaries of his leadership. Read More »

Women, Girls, and Philanthropy

Why women's and girls' rights are the solution to the world's problems. Read More »

Violence Escalates in Xianjiang Province

As violence escalates, the crisis in Xianjiang is becoming too large for the Chinese government to continue to ignore or cover up. Read More »