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What Harm is There in This?

It's time for Iran to stop persecuting its largest religious minority. Read More »

Afghanistan: No Time to Lose on Health, Nutrition, and Justice

There is no time to lose in getting the Afghanistan strategy right, one that meets the needs of the people. Read More »

What Education Should Be

Education is an equalizer which develops an individual from ignorance to skepticism and eventually enlightenment. Read More »

Schwarzenneger, Terminate Kruzan’s Sentence

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger must show his commitment to troubled youth by pardoning the non-crime of Sara Kruzan. Read More »

It’s Time for the US to Leave the Dark Ages: The Case for ICC Participation

Why the US should ignore Bush's policy, and join the ICC instead of antagonizing them. Read More »

Middle East Peace Process, an Illusion –UN Rapporteur

Richard Falk, the UN rapporteur on Human Rights in the Israeli-Occupied Territories of Palestine offered “the legitimacy war” as the best hope for Palestinians. Read More »

Take Action To Help Innocent Victims of Conflict

Today we can help innocent victims of war in Pakistan Read More »

Interview with Nava Ghalili on the Persecution of the Baha’is in Iran

They are being persecuted simply because they are Baha'i’s. Read More »

Social Activists Condemn Using Force against Protesting Stone Throwers in Kashmir

Social activists and civil society organisations brought to light the draconian laws of India that gave unscrupulous powers to security forces in Kashmir and North-East states. The result is unabated and endless killings of Kashmir people for which the police forces and even Indian government provide no justification Read More »

WikiLeak Shows Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan

After WikiLeaks released a massive amount of secret government documents, coalition forces dedication to Human Rights is questioned. Read More »