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Instinct vs. Intellect: Jeremy Griffith’s Explanation of the Human Condition

Australian author & biologist, Jeremy Griffith

When humans’ emerging consciousness grew powerful enough to begin defying our pre-established instincts, the great problems of the human condition began. Read More »

S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and Why We Don’t Stay Gold

It isn’t easy to find anything that helps you being a teenager. Read More »

Kafka and His Uneasy Relationship with Egocentricity

It confounded Einstein: Why didn’t Kafka just "make the best of life" like the rest of us and accept our ego and egocentric lives? Read More »

Art Review (San Diego): Lee Puffer, “Being Human Now” at Art Produce Gallery

New ceramic works are breathless Read More »

DVD Review: The Human Condition

Director Masaki Kobayashi explores the limits of human endurance — mainly that of his audience Read More »