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Interview: Laura Munson, Author of the Memoir ‘This is Not the Story You Think It Is’

Laura Munson

"If you don’t love the journey, find something else that you love because it’s all about the journey." Read More »

Interview: Meryl Ain, Author of ‘The Living Memories Project’

Through the voices of the individuals in the book you will see life and death in a different way.

"If you live long enough, you will suffer the loss of someone dear to you . . " Read More »

Susan Pease Gadoua’s Plan to Overhaul Marriage

Saying marriage needs this kind of overhaul is like saying we need to widen the roads because texting drivers are plowing into adjacent properties. Read More »

News You Can Abuse: High-Earning Women

The fashion world pranked every woman's psyche with a painful wedgie, but now there's something that makes that wedgie nuclear. Read More »

Congress Planning Food Aid Cuts as Global Hunger Crisis Escalates

With nearly one billion people suffering from hunger worldwide, members of Congress are pushing for food aid cuts. Read More »

Arianna Gets Paid; Huffington Post Bloggers Get Mad

While Forbes touts her handle "queen of the new media" others, like myself, think it is more like "New Age Crone." Read More »

Objectivity, Subjectivity, and the Fallacy of Self Limits in the Arts

Taking on fallacies in the arts, criticism, literature and their lists. Read More »

Interview: Mystery Author and Law Professor Alafair Burke

Author and lawyer Alafair Burke dishes on her newest novel, technology in crime, and cooking with wine. Read More »