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Election 2012: Referendum on Extremism

The American people have spoken. Read More »

Gingrich: The Honest Liar

At least Newt is an honest liar. He admits it. But lying is still dishonest. Read More »

McGovern’s The Third Freedom: Ending Hunger in Our Time is Essential Reading as Congress Debates Food Aid

McGovern's book takes on special meaning now as Congress is proposing reductions in food aid programs both here and abroad. Read More »

What’s Really Important to Republicans? It’s Not the Economy

Although he's never kept it secret, Sen. Mitch McConnell lays it on the line: The Republicans place party over country. Read More »

Interview: Nora O’Connell of Save the Children

Budget cuts ought not to come at the expense of children and their families who regularly go to bed hungry. Read More »

Interview: Robert Zachritz of World Vision on Budget Cuts to Food Aid

Is cutting Food for Peace and other hunger fighting programs the right place to go with nearly 1 billion hungry. Read More »

House Members Try to Eliminate Food for Peace Program

With nearly one billion people hungry worldwide now is not the time to cut hunger fighting programs. Read More »

Defending DOMA: Our Tax Dollars at Work

The government will not spend more than $500,000 in tax dollars to defend DOMA. You have to start somewhere. Read More »

Congress Targets Two of A Kind: Women and the Environment

No coincidence that women’s healthcare and environmental regulations are both under siege. Read More »

The U.S. Budget Crisis…We Just Got to See Congress at Its Worst

What ever happened to political debate and compromise? Politics have changed, but not for the better. Read More »