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Graphic Novel Review: Rise: The Story of the Egyptian Revolution As Written Shortly Before It Began by Tarek Shahin

Satire that works, this graphic collection is intelligent and empowering. Read More »

Who Suppresses and Oppresses Muslims?

Who are the oppressors and suppressors of Muslims? In most cases, Muslims themselves! Read More »

Discontented and Mad as Hell in Cheese Whiz Land

And Not Going to Take it Anymore, Bur First Look Closely at This Bright, Shiny Object in My Other Hand Read More »

It’s Hard to Tell the Players — and Make Money — Without a Scorecard

Those who want to hold onto money and power by dividing the world up into good guys and bad buys are having a hard time. Read More »

Celebrating The Egyptian Revolution

The winds of change have never blown sweeter on the land of the pharaohs. Read More »

The Founding Fathers Would Be With the Crowd in Egypt

Thanks to the immediacy of the Internet and the spirit and resolve of the Egyptian people, it did not take them years to overthrow their King George: they only needed seventeen days. Read More »

Mubarak Reportedly has Fled Capital with Family, Military no Help

Mubarak has fled Cairo with his family, reports claim. The military refuses to force Mubarak out. Read More »

Stubborn Mubarak Refuses to Step Down; Citizens Angry, Military In Middle

Mubarak refuses to step down, delegates power to Suleiman who has allegedly used torture. Read More »

Hundreds of Thousands Pour Into Tahrir Square, Mubarak Expected To Resign

Military seizes control of the country to "safeguard" Egyptians. Read More »

Egypt Without Mubarak -– What Lies Ahead?

What will the future bring without longtime ally of the West, Hosni Mubarak? Read More »