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American Honor

How can I be a proud American when I can't find any pride or honor in our politicians? Read More »

Book Review: Highway to Vengeance: A Thomas Highway Novel by Brian Springer

When law is not enough will vengeance do the trick? Read More »

Isn’t It Illegal to Be in the US Illegally?

The problem with illegal aliens within the United States. Read More »

Last Words Worth Acting Upon

Richard Holbrooke knew we should end the war in Afghanistan. Read More »

US Paranoia Irks Indian Government

The treatment of Indian envoys at US airports attracts strong condemnation. Read More »

DVD Review: Please Remove Your Shoes

Air travel security has continually deteriorated, providing a “security theater” meant to make us feel safe; we’re not. Read More »

New Homeland Security Center on Long Island

A real life "24". Read More »

Can Barack Obama Blame Bush Administration In 2010?

Will al Qaeda bring Barack Obama to his knees? Read More »

A Mother’s Concern Over Homeland Security

The aftermath of the Christmas Day, Flight 253 attempted terrorist attack hits home. Read More »

Barack Obama Wants FBI Watch List Nomination Practices Reviewed

Terrorist attack causes airport safety review. Read More »