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Tag Archives: Holidays and Traditions

Celebrating Lent

It's Lent, and everyone wants to know the answer to one question. Read More »

Solitude: The Ultimate Valentine

On this day of fake and gushing hearts, I fight through nausea and celebrate sensibility. Read More »

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day Are A Good Marriage

Who says men don't know what women want? Men purchase 75% of the chocolate sold for Valentines Day. Read More »

Satire: The Case for Banning Heterosexual Marriage

Let us take a cue from our gay brethren. Civil unions are where it’s at. Read More »

Music Review: Tommy James – I Love Christmas

Tommy James celebrates Christmas 365 days a year. Read More »

Go Guac on FoodNetwork for Super Sunday

Find the best guacamole recipes, how-to, and more at Guacamole Central. Read More »

Music Review … with a Cruise Thrown In

All Fans on Deck! Read More »

On Martin Luther King Day, Bring Back Segregation

Do Americans take this day for granted? Perhaps a powerful reminder is in order. Read More »

Music Review: Enya – And Winter Came

Enya haunts the holidays with more beautiful music... Read More »

Retro Redux: Ringing In The New Year With Auld Music

With this information, you can be the envy of other party-goers...or maybe not. Read More »