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Black Friday Comes to the UK

Black Friday in the UK

Black Friday has been a recurring phenomenon in the US.. for decades, but in the last few years it has jumped the ocean and is now beginning to take hold in the UK. Read More »

Top Gift Ideas for Faraway Loved Ones This Holiday Season

For family or loved ones who live far away, there are some fantastic gift-basket options available. Read More »

‘Tis the Season to Consume

It's an excellent time to meditate deeply on our culture of consumption. Read More »

Black Friday Facts

Ever notice how the color black tends to be a sign of evil? “The Dark Side,” the black plague, and darkness are all examples of the mysterious danger of black. Perhaps this is why so much crime takes place on “Black Friday,” Read More »

Free Money this Holiday Season: Make the Best Use of Gift and Credit Cards

Plastics can save you a lot of money this holiday season, and, no, I’m not talking cosmetic surgery. Read More »

Hiding from Holiday Madness Online

Despite working in a mall, I choose to shop online and avoid the holiday hassle. Read More »