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Book Review: The Perfect Nazi: Uncovering My Grandfather’s Secret Past by Martin Davidson

A man researches his grandfather's past and finds he was an SS officer. Read More »

No-Fly Zones Approved in Libya: Doesn’t This Sound Familiar?

Please, Mr. President, we cannot have another war where our men and women's blood runs in the desert sands. Read More »

Egyptian Revolution Could Result in Demands for Repatriation of Antiquities

Egypt's overthrow of Mubarak could lead to another world-wide wave: demands for the return of art removed without permission by colonial rulers or stolen by Hitler. Read More »

Book Review: Deathride: Hitler vs. Stalin: The Eastern Front, 1941-1945 by John Mosier

Stalin killed so many messengers that he soon began to hear only of great successes and marvelous victories. Read More »

The Power of Charisma

What Hitler and Gandhi have to teach us about the history of charismatic leadership Read More »

Pope Benedict’s Attack on Atheism

Without the ludicrous reference, you might have thought he was talking about those who raped children, but he wasn't. Read More »

The Imprudence of Comparing to Hitler

Name calling never truly wins debates. Read More »

When A Mosque Is Not A Mosque

We are being manipulated by certain pseudo news organizations and political parties. Read More »

Book Review: The Legacy of the Second World War by John Lukacs

A master historian examines enduring questions about a complex period. Read More »

Book Review: Masters and Commanders — How Four Titans Won the War in the West, 1941-1945 by Andrew Roberts

“Then this is the story of how the four Masters and Commanders of the Western Allies fought each other over how best to fight Adolf Hitler.” — from the introduction Read More »