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Killing Pablo

Mark Bowden of Black Hawk Down fame chronicles the next U.S. military quagmire: involvement in the Colombian drug war. Read More »

When Did It Happen?

A remarkable transformation has occurred in American thought. It's one of those transformations that's imperceptible while it's happening, but seems breathtaking when looked upon in retrospect. I believe historians will almost certainly remark upon the 1990s as the linchpin decade that marked a radical shift in the American mindset. Read More »

Columbus: In His Own Words

We neglected Columbus on Columbus Day (other than a discussion of Mayor Bloomberg’s decision not to march in NYC’s parade). Gary Farber points us to a rather grim assessment of Columbus in the New Yorker: Columbus was one of history’s great optimists. When he read in Marco Polo that the palace of the Japanese king had floors of gold “two ... Read More »

Pox Americana

A people on the verge of war. An enemy rumored to be capable of using a highly infectious disease as a weapon. A risky but proven inoculation to prevent the disease. Public health officials who won’t allow inoculation for fear of its consequences. A leader named George. The United States, 2002? No. Colonial America, 1775. Read More »

Historian Stephen Ambrose Dies

Chronicler of WWll succumbs to lung cancer at 66: Ambrose spent much of his career as a relatively little known history professor until he burst onto the best-seller’s list with his 1994 book “D-Day June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II.” Based in large part on interviews with veterans about their own combat experiences, the book recounted ... Read More »

9/11 Book Glut

As someone with a hand in two different 9/11 books, I am going to ignore the following report: Veteran New York City fireman John McCole has faced many challenges in his career but he is now undertaking a particularly daunting task: getting people to read his book about September 11. In the year since the attacks on the World Trade ... Read More »

Chomsky Redux

Gene Healy reviewed Noam Chomsky’s 9/11 book here extremely well last month, and since I agree with virtually all of his judgments, I will not reinvent this particular wheel. But I ran across this article that tells us Mr. Chomsky’s book has sold well over 100,000 copies, is even now ranked #392 by Amazon, and I couldn’t leave these facts ... Read More »

The Rise & Fall of Jim Crow

Tuesday night most PBS stations begin airing The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow. The four part series covers the period between The Civil War and Eyes on the Prize. There also is a website for teachers. It is narrated by Richard Roundtree. The review in the New York Times gives a good overview of the series and another article ... Read More »