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The Ultimate Reality TV: Sanders and Trump – The Sorcerer and the Apprentice

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Two presidential candidates are getting my attention by making headlines and pretty much leaving the others in the dust – Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Read More »

Hillary Clinton Needs the Challenge of Vigorous Debate

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham

Is Hillary's uncontested run for the Democratic nomination bad for the Democrats? Perhaps. Read More »

Anthem Film Fest – ‘America: Imagine the World Without Her’


This is not a boring history lecture. It is more like an historical drama. Read More »

Bridge-gate and Chris Christie: Governor’s Presidential Ambitions Are Toast


A truly pernicious personal vendetta on a bridge named for George Washington resulted in more than inconvenience. This is a case of our worst fears about the abuse of power becoming a reality. Read More »

Caroline Kennedy Likely Choice for Ambassador to Japan

We question the appointment of Ms. Caroline Kennedy to an important post in Japan. Read More »

United States Outvoted on Palestinian Issue

The US is one of only nine UN members to oppose a proposed upgrade of Palestine's status to "non-member state." Read More »

Media Stand Fast Over Painful Conflict in the Gaza Strip

Praise to the American media for their coverage of the conflict in the Gaza Strip. Read More »

Bill Clinton Raises the Roof at the Democratic Convention

Former President Bill Clinton knocked them dead as the Democratic convention continues. Read More »

Secretary Clinton Speaks in Israel, Egypt, Addressing America’s Role

Secretary Clinton is fresh and understated as she meets with Eastern world leaders Read More »

Famine Warnings: Alarming Hunger Crisis Demands Quick Action

The growing hunger crisis is going to require the U.S. to build up its Food for Peace program. Read More »