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Book Review: Higher Education: How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money And Failing Our Kids by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus

Higher Education is an important call to action for college students, parents and administrators. Read More »

The Truth About Liberal Bias in Academia

Are colleges and universities really left-wing indoctrination factories, are liberals just smarter, or is there a more mundane explanation? Read More »

Is Obama Attempting to Buy Votes from College Students?

The president is playing politics with the high cost of college. Read More »

Book Review: Studying the Jew: Scholarly Antisemitism in Nazi Germany by Alan E. Steinweis

Alan E. Steinweis' Studying the Jew looks at the complicity of academics in Nazi antisemitism. Read More »

Education Under Fire

Everyone has the right to an education. Read More »

Arizona State University Leads the Way in Degrees Granted to Minorities

The University's high ranking may be a good indicator that ASU values diversity, but the recession may also be a contributing factor. Read More »

More Bad News for College Students – When Will It End?

With student loan debt at an all time high, why are people still applying to college? Read More »

A War Against Knowledge

Freedom of education and freedom of information are integral to freedom of thought. Read More »

Does College Pay Off, Even for Cashiers?

Despite arguments to the contrary, a college degree doesn't always pay. Read More »

Not Free to Learn

It's time for Iran to allow Baha'is freedom to learn. Read More »