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Afghanistan: Withdrawal of Food Aid Harms Peace Efforts

While much focus has been on the U.S. troop withdrawal what is now occurring is a withdrawal of food aid. Read More »

Yemen Undergoing Its Worst Humanitarian Crisis Ever

Even before the recent headline-grabbing political unrest, Yemen was already mired in hunger and poverty. Read More »

U.S. Strategy in Yemen Should Fight Hunger

We are taking action against Al Qaeda in Yemen, but we also need to act against hunger. Read More »

Yemen: Low Funding Limits Hunger Relief Operation

Tragically, we are missing a golden opportunity by not fully supporting the WFP hunger relief mission in Yemen. Read More »

Yemen: Recovering Livelihoods in Conflict-Torn North

Food safety nets will play a vital, stabilizing role as Yemen continues to sort out its political problems. Read More »

U.S. Wants Change in Yemen, But Where Is the food?

Hungry people do not make for a smooth political process in Yemen, or any country. Read More »

Food to Reinforce Peace Process in Yemen

For a relatively inexpensive price, relief can be bought for Yemeni families by funding the WFP mission. Read More »

Yemen: Protests, Chaos and Hunger

Food can be a source of stability and hope during a tumultuous period in Yemen Read More »

Tajikistan: The Struggle to Build National School Feeding

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is helping Tajikistan build a national school feeding program. Read More »

Like Egypt, Yemen Suffers from High Food Prices

My letter in the New York Times highlighted the plight of the hunger relief mission in Yemen. Read More »