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Book Review: Being Henry David by Cal Armistead

Cal Armistead debuts with a vivid present-tense YA about amnesia and pasts that might be better off forgotten. Read More »

Pink Floyd, Paranoia, and Publishing

No room for creativity in contemporary traditional publishing Read More »

Emerson and Thoreau Lost in the Twilight of the 21st Century

You can kill a vampire with a stake through the heart but you can't kill the ghosts of literary zombies. Read More »

Book Review: Thoreau in His Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of His Life, Edited by Sandra Harbert Petrulionis

Henry David got a bad rap! Thoreau in His Own Time revises that. Read More »

Book Review: Picnics at Walden Pond by Kathryn Hilliard Klos

A professor of nineteenth-century American literature is transported back in time to observe some of her heroes. Read More »

Book Review: Mayan Night by Richard Weekley

Poetry for the end of the world and beyond. Read More »

A Walk with Thoreau

That walk—I'm not certain whether Thoreau considered it truly being in the presence of God. What I do know is that it's as close to God as I have been in a while. Read More »

Book Review: Thumbing Through Thoreau: A Book of Quotations by Henry David Thoreau Compiled by Kenny Luck

“I thought I knew what love was, What did I know? Those days are gone forever, I should just let them go.” — Don Henley Read More »

Interview: Kenny Luck, Author of Thumbing Through Thoreau

"Kafka used to write at home among his parents. I can't do that. I like to write in coffee shops because it keeps me on track." Read More »

Book Review: Louisa May Alcott by Harriet Reisen

A Woman for the Ages! Read More »