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Emmy-Nominated Film ‘Escape Fire’ and Treating the Whole Person

Treating the Whole person

Increasingly studies confirm that nurturing love, forgiveness, humor, gratitude and other spiritual qualities promote health. Read More »

Debate over Health Care: Rationing of Intelligence Again

Finally, a break through the bluster of partisanship to single out the greatest unquestioned assumption about health care. Read More »

Circumvent The Individual Mandate, Buy Red Nostril Insurance

Pay just 98 cents a month for the minimum health care coverage you need. There is just one nosy little catch. Read More »

Cash For Cloture? That’s Just Senators Doing Their Jobs

Harry Reid is right to say that if a senator didn't horse-trade that it 'doesn't speak well of them' Read More »

Know Senate Health Reform By Its Opponents

Those on the left could learn to hate the Senate health reform bill a little less by who else abhors it Read More »

Dennis Kucinich: Advocating Non-Existent Constitutional Rights

Congressman Kucinich proposes a new non-existent constitutional right. Read More »

Government’s Benevolence Equals Higher Costs

Government cannot make things more affordable. Healthcare reform will be a disaster. Read More »