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Speaking for Health Insurance

Principle and cash clash over advertising Read More »

Our President Can Learn Something from the Info-Masters

Where's Billy Mays when you need him for a lesson in pitchmanship? Read More »

Ding! Dong! Recession’s Gone!

In simple Tea Bagger American, the wealthy aren't suffering the negative effects of the crashing economy as are we. Read More »

Satire: What I Learned From the President’s Speech

You can learn a lot about health care reform from President Obama. Or not. It doesn't matter. Read More »

The Public Health Option and Market Competition

A discussion on how the proposed public health option influences the insurance market Read More »

A Public Option Even Blue Dogs and Republicans Can Embrace

A market oriented public plan would help rein in costs and make insurance affordable without raising taxes or the deficit. Read More »

Health Care Myth: Forced Euthanasia

An opinion regarding the end of life counseling in H.R. 3200 - the House health care bill. Read More »

Dude, Pay My Claim

With private health care, I get care but it doesn't pay for a lot. With government health care, I won't get health care but it will be free!! Read More »

Will Illegal Immigrants Be Covered Under ObamaCare?

In a purely Rovian sense, Obama is telling the truth; illegal immigrants won't exactly be covered by ObamaCare. Read More »

Do Your Homework

Why doing your homework is the first step towards weaning yourself off the government teat. Read More »