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Senator Joe Lieberman: “Public Option is Unnecessary”

“Joe the Senator” believes that it is wrong for our government to take over the health insurance industry. So do many Americans. Read More »

GOP Responds to Pelosi Health Care Bill

Hey Democrats: the Republican Party does have solutions to health care reform; are you listening? Read More »

Capitol Idea: Why Government-Run Healthcare Is Good For Business

New poll shows corporate America ought to be first in line to embrace public option Read More »

A Week of Wistful Confusion

Labor Day, the West Indian Day Parade, speeches by the president, bells tolling again for 9/11: what a week! Read More »

Capitol Idea: Mr. Obama And His Mojo

With his speech, Obama reclaims the presidency; for health care and battles that still lie ahead Read More »

Grow Up, Congressman Wilson

Representative Joe Wilson and his childish antics prompt the question: why is he acting like a four-year-old? Read More »

A Public Option Even Blue Dogs and Republicans Can Embrace

A market oriented public plan would help rein in costs and make insurance affordable without raising taxes or the deficit. Read More »

Capitol Idea: Obama’s Health Care Speech Won’t Get His Mojo Back

President Obama will have to seize other circumstances to reconnect more deeply with the American people Read More »

Will Obamacare Cover Abortions?

Will Obama's health insurance reform use taxpayers' money to provide funding for abortion? In a word, yes. It's complicated, though. Read More »

Obama’s Little Back to School Special

Once again, Barack Obama's overreach is so extreme it is almost laughable. Read More »