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It’s Positively Time to Stop Being So Negative

It's time to stop being so negative and start using that enthusiasm in a more productive, positive manner. Read More »

Circumvent The Individual Mandate, Buy Red Nostril Insurance

Pay just 98 cents a month for the minimum health care coverage you need. There is just one nosy little catch. Read More »

Stampeded by a Herd of Cats!

We should remember that elephants and donkeys are not predators...but cats are! Read More »

Life of ObamaCare Relies on Abortion Language: All Eyes on Bart Stupak

A week ago, Pelosi and Stupak were “liars,” this week a so-called "compromise" was brewing: what "drama" is next? Read More »

The Health Care All Of Us Want

The Republicans insist they have been excluded from the health care reform process. Yet, the White House's website refutes this claim. Read More »

Republicans: The Party of No? Oh, Yes!

Republicans intend to block everything coming from President Obama. That is their road to electoral success in 2010 and beyond. Read More »

An Open Letter to Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC)

Reid's health care boondoggle is plagued by the four “Cs” – constitutionality, cost, corruption, and consent. Read More »

Can Barack Obama Stop Health Care Bill’s Sweetheart Deals?

It's safe to say that Republicans will use the Democratic deal-making trend to reinforce negative attitudes about health care reform. Read More »

A Big, Fat Important Story

A lifelong media watcher and fat person contemplates TV news' latest mis-coverage of an obesity story. Read More »

Health Care Reform: Is There Finally Hope For The Uninsured?

Will President Obama's Health Care Reform finally bring some hope to the uninsured? Read More »