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Maintaining Health Through Mandatory Insurance – A Fuzzy Picture

Mandated health insurance policies should provide benefits to cover the services that individuals use to support their health. Read More »

It’s a Hard Brain Gonna Fall

The president of the chess club shouldn't challenge the WWE of legal illogic to a match. They play to win. Read More »

My Nominee for 2012’s Person of the Year: The Health Care Reformer

It may only be February, but I’m ready to submit my nomination for 2012’s Person of the Year. Read More »

Essential Benefit Missing from Health Care Reform Law

Provision afforded to the elderly, impoverished, and government-employed is not being offered to those now required to buy health insurance. Read More »

Congressmen Refusing Health Benefits: Principled Statement, or Grandstanding?

Refusing benefits is all very well if you can afford it. What about the millions of Americans who couldn't possibly? Read More »

How Democrats Spent Repeal Day

The political message was unmistakable: While Republicans were busy re-fighting the past, Democrats focused on jobs. Read More »

Will the Republicans Please Make Up Their Minds About Health Care Reform?

It's funny how the Republican elite were for the individual mandate before they were against it. Read More »

Obamacare is Unconstitutional – Part 2

The interstate commerce clause doesn't allow Obamacare either. Read More »

We (the People) Need to Give Ourselves a “Public Option”

Forming health insurance cooperatives is the key to reducing the cost of health care. Read More »

Obamacare is Unconstitutional – Part 1

Obamacare is unconstitutional and should be repealed immediately. Read More »