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Forgiveness and the Art of Hatred

When someone says "There's a reason for everything" to an abused child, all I hear is that it's okay for adults to abuse children. Read More »

Swastikas in Brooklyn: Hate Crime or Just Stupidity?

We immediately think that these persons are sick, twisted, and racist, but is there another possibility? Read More »

Love and Marriage: Not Just for Men + Women

People who love each other ought to be able to marry. This is America; how can we deny anyone's rights? Read More »

Righteous Anger

What is righteous anger? Does God get angry? Read More »

Forgive and Forget: Can You Really Lift Your Burden of Resentments?

The key to achieving the freedom of forgiveness is reinterpreting your resentments so they no longer haunt you. Read More »

It Sways Towards Justice

Obstructionists are louder and more violent, but there are fewer of them in each generation. Read More »