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Forgiveness and the Art of Hatred

When someone says "There's a reason for everything" to an abused child, all I hear is that it's okay for adults to abuse children. Read More »

Book Review: I Hate You, Kelly Donahue by Mark Svartz

You too can overcome your rage after a lady dumps you. Read More »

Book Review: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

An interesting and historical look at Jackson, Mississippi and family interactions in the turbulent '60s. Read More »

London Calling: Will U.S. Riots Follow?

The causes that The Washington Post traces for the London riots should sound disturbingly familar. Read More »

Racism – Alive and Well in the 21st Century

Isn't it sad that racism is still alive and well, even in the 21st century? You'd think America would have learned a better way by now. Read More »

Book Review: The Turner Diaries by Andrew Macdonald

A dangerous book espousing racist rhetoric and an implausible plot. Read More »

Betrayal, Forgiveness and Jesse James

A new way of looking at the idea of forgiveness. Read More »

I Am What I Am

Intolerance leads to murder. Read More »

Verse Chorus Verse: Metallica – “Wasting My Hate”

It's time now for deep thoughts... with James Hetfield? Read More »

Insecurity and Power: Men and Women

Why aren't women honest with me? "I don't want to hurt his feelings" is essentially deception. Read More »