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Music Review: Dr. Acula – The Social Event of the Century

Dumb. Like, the boring kind of dumb. Read More »

Product Review: Joe Keithley Throbblehead by Aggronautix

Aggronautix is back with another Throbblehead, this time of D.O.A. leader Joe Keithley. Read More »

Music Review: Since Yesterday – The Artificial Truth

Metal. From Turkey. Not bad. Read More »

Music Review: Cancer Bats – Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones

Canadian hardcore designed to break your face wide f'n open, baby. Read More »

Music Review: Abscess – Dawn of Inhumanity

Death metal stuck in neutral. Read More »

Music Review: Killing Time – Three Steps Back

Old school hardcore, do it yourself style. Read More »

Music Review: Throwdown – Deathless

Bland metal ready to be forgotten in favor of its influences. Read More »

Music Review: Hypno5e – Des Deux L’une Est L’autre

French experimental metal. Amazing. Read More »

Music Review: Five Finger Death Punch – War is the Answer

Five Finger Death Punch knock out all expectations with their 2nd album. Read More »

Nintendo Wii Virtual Console Review: Sin and Punishment

Apparently the Wii does have games for the hardcore crowd. Read More »