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Rolling Into the Rock Hall?

Last March, in conjunction with the Rock Hall Induction ceremonies, conducted a readers poll: Who should get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? The results are here. Managing Producer Johanna Hoadley and I did a special episode of the Cool Tunes radio show to play music by some of the winners, which is archived here. Below ... Read More »

How big is the Next Big Thing?

Assuming that rock needs more cock, are these bands really up to the job? After all, size does matter. Read More »

Songs for the Deaf – QOTSA

The new Queens of the Stone Age album, Songs for the Deaf, hits the street tomorrow. It's worth buying. Read More »

UFO – Regenerator

While many people associate UFO with Michael Schenker, the often overlooked period with Paul 'Tonka' Chapman saw their greatest commercial success. This recording shows just why; it shows the Phil Mogg/Paul Chapman/Pete Way/Andy Parker/Neil Carter line-up at it's peak. Read More »

Messiah’s Kiss – Prayer for the Dying

Germans with a Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Accept fixation is not exactly a shock. Read More »

Fear Factory: Concrete …Everything Old Is New, Eventually

Back to the beginnings of Fear Factory with Concrete Read More »

Whitesnake – Live… In The Heart Of The City

I’ve previously stated that I love live CD’s. Whitesnake Live… In The Heart Of The City is no exception. In fact, this is one of my all-time favorite live CD’s. No, scratch that. It is one of my top 10 or so favorite CD’s, period. After all I went through to get it, you’d think the experience has been dulled. ... Read More »

Def Leppard – X

Def Leppard - X ...a welcome return of the prime of the Def Leppard. Read More »

Jucifer – I Name You Destroyer

It’s heavy and fun, with killer riffs and an enormous bottom end for a band without a bass player. Read More »

Vanderhoof-Blur in Time

You have a second tier metal band that is in total chaos thanks to an unstable lead singer. So what do you do? Read More »