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Baseball Hall of Fame – It’s Time To Change How Players Get Elected

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It is imperative that all those stepping onto fields everywhere across the land on Opening Day will have a fair shot at the hall based on their numbers. As it stands, that is obviously not the case. Read More »

Ralph Kiner Dies – New York City Mourns an Empty Korner

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Kiner loved baseball as much and probably more than the fans and the game loved him, and we all knew it and appreciated him even more because of it. Read More »

A-Rod, Braun, Bonds and Company – Nothing But The Hall of Infamy Awaits Them

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A-Rod and all the stars who dared to take a syringe to their buttocks in name of performance cared little about the kids who love the game. They cared nothing about setting an example, about playing clean for the love of the game because they don’t love the game. Read More »

Gary Carter Dies – Remembering One of the Good Guys

Gary was one of those great players you just had to admire even when he was on the other team. Read More »

Book Review: The Longest Walk by Kirk Marty

Takes the reader into every baseball fan's ultimate fantasy: seeing the greatest players who ever lived play together when it really counts. Read More »

The Irrelevance of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Or: Why no one cares who’s inducted. Read More »

Book Review: Prince: Chaos, Disorder, and Revolution by Jason Draper

A well-researched look at the career of a pop genius. Read More »

Barry Bonds Trial: You Can’t Handle the Truth!

This trial is more about Major League Baseball, specifically how baseball has turned a blind eye to the problem of performance enhancing drugs for years. Read More »

Music DVD Review: A Gospel Calling: Mahalia Jackson Sings

She "remains the world's most influential gospel singer..." decades after her 1972 death. Read More »

No Doubt, Frank Thomas Had A Hall of Fame Career

Frank Thomas' offense alone is enough to make him a first ballot Hall of Famer. Read More »